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Hi, My ex boyfriend whom I adore still (he broke up with me about 6 months ago because we argued too much) e-mailed me recently checking up on me and asking me how things are. After the break up we had minimal contact and everytime we attempted to be friends things would get ackward so he gave up and then so did I. We had ran into each other at a restraunt about 3 weeks ago where I hugged him and he said hello and then walked away. In his e-mail he apologized for his behavior saying that I had caught him in the middle of an argument with some girl and he said it was not one of his finer moments and he just didn't want to deal with the situation. I guess he thought all of us saw them arguing or something.Well he then proceeded to say he distanced himself from me after the break-up because on the few occasions we had talked after we broke up I seemed so at ease talking to him that he figured I already had a boyfriend and there were too many emotions it made sense to not contact each other anymore. But now he wants to become friends and offers that we get together for lunch or something. I don't know what to say or do. It took me an awefully long time to get over him and in many cases I am still not and I fear seeing him again will make my recovery falter. But then maybe he wants to get back together and I should take that chance? men usually do not contact their exes that they broke up with unless they miss them and have re-assessed things and want them back? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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ok so u obviously wouldnt mind getting back with him. first off dont say yes straight off to whatever time he gives u. i think u should arrange the time and the date. if he wants to get back then this small little action would make u make u look more confident and less vulnerable to him if u know what i mean. if hes just looking to be friends, then u wont really lose anything by setting the time and date.


the only other helpful piece of advice i can give u is to not go there with any hopes or expectations. make sure u dont do this because it could hurt u if he just wants to be friends. go there assuming he just wants to be ur friend, and if theres more to it, then it will come out. u dont want another 6 months of hurt again if he turns u down again do u? be the normal natash24 that uv been and shown to him and u wont lose whatever happens. be prepared for the worst but expect the best!


good luck! 8) 8)

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