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Its been two months since me and my ex girlfriend have broken up. All this time she has not wanted anything to do with me until last night. I saw her and we talked. I told her that I still love her and miss her alot. She told me that all we can be is friends right now. I asked her if we could hang out sometime and she said it is too soon. She said that she still has feelings for me and it hurts to see me. This came to a complete shock to me because I thought she was over me.


Since we broke up I tried very hard to get back with her but nothing has worked. I dont know what else to do she is hanging around with her ex everyday and I think if he wasnt around we would be together. I asked her if they where going out and she said they are just friends.


I am not sure what to do now, she obviously still cares about me and Im sure she misses me but I think she is scared and is trying to figure out if she still has feelings for her ex.



what am I suppose to do just wait and leave her alone? I love this girl so much. When I saw her last night my heart was pounding and I couldnt breath. She told me that she was shaking.


She seems to put on an act that she is happy but I know her and I can tell that she is not. I have tried everything to get her back except I havnt gone away, she knows Im still there and maybe that is the problem I dont know.


I dont think I can be her friend but I want to start fresh with her and that is the only way I can be with her again. She told me I should move on and I said how will that make you feel if I did move on and was happy and she said I dont know. I think she is confused and scared. I want to prove to her that I would never take her for granted again but I dont know what else to say or do.


i feel like too much time is going by and I am going to lose her. Being 31 I thin I should know by now what love is and the feelings for her never went away if anything they got stronger, so what is a man to do just let her go?.... some advice please......

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I know how you feel in a way. My ex broke up with me 3 months ago and it still hurts. It especially hurt when she started dating someone else a week after. She too seems all happy and stuff.

I suggest to act happy around her even though you may not and trry to avoid contact for a while still.

By leaving them alone and giving there space they may come back to us later on. I took my ex for granted also and regret it now.

Good luck

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I know it's tough..I'm going threw the same thing now... Let her call you..let her miss you....

It sucks I know..My ex and I have been aprt for 3 months now...At first I was begging and pleading to her to come back but that just pushed her away further..It's even worse because she started dating this guy a week after we broke up...

It's hard but try not to contact her for at least a month

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People are attracted to people who are happy and energetic. If it makes you uncomfortable when you are around her, then you need more time. You want to make sure that every encounter you have with her does two things. 1) It is a happy experience for her. 2) She is left wanting more. Don't talk until you have no more happy topics to talk about. Leave the conversation early enough so that she is left thinking, I'd like to continue more later. If you do end up talking to her, avoid talking about the relationship and its problems until she brings it up.


Best Wishes,


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