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This girl and I, we use the same bus to go working and we're always sitting next to each other, we know us quite good. Now I had to do the military service for 2 weeks (that's duty in my country) and she sent me a SMS in which she asked whether i'm ok... I wrote her back, and I asked her an other question about a concert she had... but she didn't answer.

I really love her, but I'm not sure about her feelings, sometimes I think she could be interessted in me too, but on the other hand there are situations which make me think the opposite. It's not the only SMS she didn't answer, last time I thought she didn't want to write me because we see each other the next day anyway, so I understood that, but now it's a bit different.

I don't want to annoy her by writing too many SMS, so I won't ask her again, what reason could she have to not answer? Do you think she just asked me how i am as a nice gesture, but she is not really interessted in what i'm replying?

maybe she fears that if she replies it could seem to me as if she would be interessted in me but she isn't at all... I hope not, but that's the only reasonable explanaition for me at the moment... what do you think?

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You're probably right, I think. She's afraid of giving you the wrong impression, and her original message to you was simply because she was thinking about you as a friend, but she gauged your response as "more than friend."


It doesn't really matter, though, because she's not responding. Whatever her motivations were and are, she's not responding and you're better off following your instincts here and backing off.


You might leave her a message stating "Seems you are too busy to reply. If you ever want to say hi, you know can reach me right here." The point of this message is not so much to get her to reply, but instead it's to make it clear for yourself that it's out of your hands and you did everything you could. If she's interested, she'll HAVE to reply someday, because you won't write her again.....

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