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what starts pupil dialation??? please help


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I was wondering, there is this girl I like and I dont know if its mutual.I was talking to her in the school hallway and noticed her pupils were dialated. I know that could mean she likes me, but what else can cause it? Like what kind of light or setting can cause it?

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Many things cause pupil dilation. Low light conditions for one. Certain medications for another. She may have just returned from the eye doctor, they commonly dilate your pupils to check for disease.


Unfortunately another thing that can dilate your pupils are recreational drugs. Cocaine, speed, weed will all dilate the pupils. Heroin withdrawal causes it also.

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I noticed this one night on my son who is eight, I am not sure exactly what was causing it. He is an anxious sort of kid, so I don't know if it is just a personality thing. It normally would occur in low light, but I even took him into the bathroom and made him read something and I still could not see them changing, it is really freaky!!

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