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Some of you may of read my previous post... I think one of the hardest things in LDR's is trust...now we have moved on from the problems we have to an extent but now it transpires that as she is friends with most of her ex's (they live a fair way from her) one of her ex's wants to come visit her and she wants him too. I have never been friends with my ex's I have just moved on but for her she does like to stay friends with them. I have to admit I am very jealous about this situation. Could people please let me know what they think, the women about why they would want to stay friends with there ex's and spend time with them, and anyone else about how they would feel about this situation especially as its so difficult for us to spend time together. Am I being stupid? Should I just trust her or is there more to this?

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Bascially, you do have to go on trust. He's likely going to visit her whether you want him to or not, I would imagine. You have no real control over her ex's at all. Possibly you can dissuade her from allowing him to visit, but then she may see you as controlling.


It's tough for anybody but you to tell if there's more to this potential visit from the ex than just a pure friendship thing.


Another thing about LDRs is that if she's geting itchy feet and wants to actually be with somebody, you either have to figure out how to spend more time together, or run the risk of losing the relationship.

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