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Here's Why You Shouldn't Contact Your Ex

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My ex and I have been keeping contact for the past 7 months. He would restart the contact cycle if I ignore him for a few days. Stupidly, each time I would think he is doing this because he wants to try again. Each time I would eventually feel worse afterwards but I would keep doing it like a crack addict who needs her fix.

Yesterday was the final straw. I called him and he said he would call me later but he never did. I realized all his words were lies. He never missed me. He never wanted to see me.

No contact is the only way to go. Nothing good ever comes out of it. What you wanted to hear or to happened does not happen. You end up with more heartache while your ex's only thought was why is she keep calling me? Doesn't she know we are not together any more.

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There's a song that goes,


There's one thing I want to say, so I'll be brave.

You were what I wanted;

I gave what I gave.

I'm not sorry I met you,

I'm not sorry it's over,

I'm not sorry there's nothing to say.

I'm not sorry there's nothing to say.


Not long after our last phone conversation (maybe three weeks), I send him a holiday eCard that I knew he'd find hilarious. He responded that he loved the joke and that he wished me and my family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


And that was it. I didn't feel anything in particular about our exchange. It just was.


What does that mean?


Healed is when you don't contact your ex-partner because you have nothing left to say, no emotions left to express, not because you are making the effort to have no contact. Your ex-partner is just a person, like all the other people that will come into and pass out of your life. Nothing more, nothing less.


I'm sure I will hit speed bumps in the future. I'm not even five months out of a seven year relationship--I couldn't have gotten off that easily! Still, I want to offer myself as proof that YOU WILL HEAL. It WILL happen, some day. You just need to do whatever you need to do to get yourself from now until that day.


Be well.


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