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"Love" Brain Teaser


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I have a brain teaser that I want to see if you guys can answer; it's a game:

A guy (make up someone) likes this girl. From the guy's point of view, he will eventually go out with the girl for the following reasons:

-Both parties are a "popular", but the guy discovered he was popular only a month ago.

-The guy and the girl get along with the other's friends

-The two just met this year and didn't really know one another before.

-We have similar interests and similar minds & personalities

-The guy, although shorter (5'4", but the girl is the same height) is decent looking.

-Both are on sports teams-both are in shape

-Both are good people who don''t act snobby or cruel to others.

-Hey, it happens in all the movies.


Question- Is there any reason the girl wouldn't go out with the guy?


Thanks for any advice on the situation - I think this may be one one in a million situation

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lol......I'm not sure what this is based on, but I'm guessing personal experience. And no, I don't see any reason why the guy and the girl wouldn't get together, if they've talked previously and have common interests and a genuine liking for each other as a person. The only issue I could possibly see is the height thing, since a lot of girls like taller guys. But if the girl is the same height, even that shouldn't be an issue! I'm thinking that the guy should talk to the girl more, ask her out for coffee or something after school, walk with her in a park somewhere, something non-invasive, and get to know her a little better. When things are off to a good start (as I hope they will be) the "guy" should ask the girl if she wants to have dinner sometime, or go to the movies, a picnic, etc. I think the "guy" will be pleasantly surprised that the girl in question accepts!



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