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how I can make her fall in love with me?

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hi there,


few months back i met a girl, with whom I think i'm in love. but there is a complication...and it would be really nice if I get advice. so let me tell the matter in details.

I met this girl on february this year. though we r batchmates she reads in my friend's college. I took her phone number and from then on its only me who does all the phone calls. she does'nt have my number, nor did I gave her nor did she ever asked for it. I call her regularly. whenever I call her it seems she's very much interested in interacting with me.

after about 4months I asked her for a 1:1 date, she rejected. she said quote" we know there is nothing in between us so if somebody see us together". i did'nt make a comment on this reply. few days back I invited her on my birthday but she made and excuse and did'nt hung-up. she wished me when only I called her...there I told her quote " i would have been much happier if u called and wished me" then she told " time has'nt come to call you".

during these months i've just seen her only 4/5 times only when there is a friendly gathering. i do not much help from my friends in fixing a meeting with her. in the past(in her school & college) she's been proposed by 6/7 guys and each and everyone got a 'NO'. she tells that she's afriad of commitment & problems in a relationship, yet she dreams about having a love-marraige.

she knows that i'm in love with her....she even tries various methods to make me speak out about my feelings on her. i have'nt proposed her till. i'm ready to wait but i want her. the "way and what" she talks or interacts with me during the conversations over the phone states that she's interested in me or likes me....i'm damn sure about it. but how'll I will make her fall in love with me. and when will she call me atleast how could i make her call me? what to do next???? i'm really puzzled. please help buddies. i hope i've made myself clear. ok bye,


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i am not here to tell you what to do first of all man but honestly do what you feel you have got to do man dont worry bout what we think i think it is great that you are asking for our opinion and that takes a very stong person to do that so ...... if ur so strong to ask i think you and ur heat can handle this one i mean think really hard what is it you want in life and that is where you'll find ur awnser to every questio you encounter in life you know what i mean ........ look the bottom line is go with ur heart not sum one elses gut man ........ well man peace out and i hope you do the right thing i really do i wish you the best of luck ..... if you have yahoo messenger and you want to talk add me on that my screen name is bl00d_lu5t_h4t3 and if you have msn my email is ........ email removed ...., like i said if you really want to talk you can add me on ne of those names or messenger services i just gave you i would really like to help .....




best of luck ur friend audio

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ok, sorry but i didnt read the whole post BECAUSE, one of the first things u say is "i think im in love with this girl". that tells you right there that ur not in love with her, you might be VERY VERY close, but when ur inlove with someone you definatly know it, u feel 100% sure that ur inlove, thats when u know. and as to makking her fall in love with you, put a gun to her head and make her! lol im just kidding of course, sorry to say you cant make.

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