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Okay, this really pissed me off. Two of my friends and I (my two friends were guys) walked into a gasoline station store. We had just gotten out of a soccer game, and were going to buy drinks for ourselves and our team mates. Before I get more into it, I should mention that my friends and myself are Mexican-American. when we walked into the store, we headed towards the back where they had the drinks. A police guy that was there, I guess looking out for the place, followed us. Other people had entered at the same time we did, but he decided to follow us. He not only followed us, but stood close to where we were just watching us pick out our drinks! well, one of my friends couldn't decide what drink we wanted, and I guess the police officer made the assumption that since we were there too long, we were up to no good. So he walked up to us, and this is the part that pisses me off the most, he actually asked us to leave the store and buy our drinks elsewhere, because they didn't want problems. WHAT PROBLEMS!!!?? we just wanted a few gatorades!! It just pisses me off that I try my best to succeed in my life, and all these stupid stereotypes haunt me wherever I go!! My friends and I are nothing like the Mexican-Americans they show on TV. and that's another thing that bothers me, how we're portrayed in Television. Gang bangers, thiefs, violent, stupid, uneducated....the list of stereotypes goes on and on. I seriously don't know what to do anymore, and I'm afraid that all this racism that I've been shown, will actually cause me to become racist myself, and it scares me. I don't know if any of you would have any good advice to give me.

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Don't worry about him...or anyone else that brings grief or hurt towards you. They are not worth you time or patience. Most people will be considerate, and understand that not all Mexican-Americans are how they are portrayed to be on television, or anywhere else for that matter!


I am getting my major in Criminal Justice before I go to Law school, and on of the first things I learned is that the uneducated policemen, were the ones who were far more racist. So don't worry about that incident, in fact feel sorry for the people who have such a shollow mind.


Don't ever stoop to their level and become a racist yourself, sometimes it is hard to not make assumptions about people, but just try to be compassionate to everyone that comes your way. People will see that, respect that, and try to mimic that behavior.


I sincerely hope nothing like that happens to you again! O

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I've had my share of racist experiences...lots, especially where I live, there's not as many minorities.


I know exactly how you feel, I went through that phase. There are all sorts of stereotypes. You can name off so many, but it's the people who are ignorant who stereotype others.


Think about it, isn't it sad that people are dumb enough to be so ignorant? Think about how their lives are. All they know is what they've been exposed to. If they try to acquaint to different cultures, they get all scared and close up. Don't you think that's so little of them? It's so sad that they're so narrow-minded. A life like that is incomprehendable to me.


That's who they are, just feel sorry for them! You know that deep down inside you are not like that!


Most of the time, when you work with people like that, you can prove them wrong. Be your best. They'll open up, because they realize that those stupid stereotypes aren't true.


Based on personal experience, it used to bother me. It was a shock since I moved from a very diverse urban area to the rich suburbs.


Dealing with racism is part of life. Life will throw all sorts of things at you, but to me, stereotypes are the small things.


Invest your time on people who are not like that, you'll find that your world is so much more happier when you realize that even the majority can be as open-minded as you.


Don't give up! Try making friends who are not Mexican-Americans. I'm Asian-American, but most of my bestfriends are Caucasian and Indian. I find that I connect with them better...


Once you realize that there are good people out there, then you will find comfort in knowing that this cruel world is not always so cruel after all.

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Believe me I understand where you're coming from. I'm also mexican american, but I find it hard to fit in. I'm not full blooded, so I have dark brown hair and green eyes, as well as light skin.


I get resentment from those in my same race who are brown eyed, and dark haired. Believe me, I am proud of my hispanic heritage, and would never change it. I do, however understand where you're coming from. Because I'm not full blooded, the Caucasians don't completely accept me, and the Mexicans don't completely accept me. In fact I get looks of disgust for being half blooded.


The way I think about it though is, everyone is beautiful, no matter what color they are, and as long as they're happy with themselves, what other people think about them, really shouldn't have any bearing on anything.


Take me for example: I am 20 years old, and a senior in college with a Chemistry pre-med major, with a great gpa, who is going to medical school next year. By most standards, and statistics, I should be not in school and already have a family, but I say I DECIDE!


Hope this helps....y'all take care!

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