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Am I getting the right impression out of this?


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I met this girl that my friend knows from college. She came back with him one day and we all hung out with some of my other friends at an amusement park. At the end of the day I started wondering if she likes me or something...


During the day she was constantly touching me, by squeezing the sides of my abdomen (which I'm sensitive around). She would NOT stop and would take any chance she could to do it when my guard was down. She would also grab me and lock arms with me when she wanted to take me somewhere. She was also showing me something and turned me around, slowly afterwards she started pressing up against my back.


My other friend and his girlfriend where there as well. He decided to play that hammer strength game to win a prize for her. I had this idea, and he said that he didn't want to try it. The girl in question asked me to do it instead. I said that I had no need for a stuffed toy, why would I play, she said she wanted it (yeah but I'm not your boyfriend). Latter we were riding this ride and she was sitting accross from me and blew a kiss at me I looked down in embarrassment. She asked me if I was not a flirter. I didn't answer her, so she kept asking until I told her that I guess I wasn't that type of person. She asked if I would like her to "teach" me, whatever that means... I don't know how the hell that would work.


Somewhere in between all of this, a convo came up where my friend said that she had a boyfriend (she did not bring it up) and he said that even if she didn't I wouldn't stand a chance (although at that point I didn't even remotely give signs of interest in her). She did not say ANYTHING during this. I stared at him smiling (while in my head I wanted to punch him where he stood). There have been times latter where I am on the phone with my friend and she is in the background asking to speak with me...


Anyway, after all of this I don't remember her being ANYWHERE as flirty with the others as she was with me. She told me that she always messes with people she likes and that if she didn't like someone that she would have nothing to do with him or her. I think it's obvious that she is a flirt, but does she actually have feelings for me? I'm going to confront her when she comes back home for winter break. I just want to get some opinions before I do this. Although I also have the feeling that my friend doesn't care for the fact that she may like me...


Thanks in advance guys...

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If she has a boyfriend then she is just cruel to be messing with you like this. If she is single though, then she definitely does like you. I personally don't like people who try it on with others when they have partners. It's just tacky.



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Besides the fact that my friend had a conversation with her with her claiming that he was a jerk (not like that hasn't happened before). You bring up a VERY good point. Crap, now what do I do, she is just going to keep messing with me, I don't want to hurt her though, she is really nice.

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Listen to the Ghost but you should find out if she has a boyfriend from her and not rely on third party information.If she has one then pull away completely and don't get friendzoned.


he said his friend was talking about her bf and she said nothing. so no denial pretty much tells you.

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