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How can I learn to be happy again?

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I've had a lot of stress over the past few years...I got married at 15(I'm 17 now) my husband was physically and emotionally abusive to me) I'm not with him anymore though my mom was suicidal when I was growing up my parents just got divorced oh I had a daughter at 16(from my husband) anyway the list goes on....so basically I went through a drug problem to cope, but I've gotten passed that now...I thought I was better after some intensive counseling but over the past couple weeks I got a boyfriend who is just awesome to me...he's really everything a girl could want, yet I find myself in a deeper hole of depression than I've been in since my husband, and I just keep wanting to hurt myself all the time....I'm constantly fighting myself not to cut myself or stab myself(I have done a couple small cuts but nothing big yet) And for some reason I find it more emotionally painful to have sex with him, the person I love, than to have sex with some random guy I don't love why?????

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15...married.... 16 .... kid.... dam.... whoa...abusive companion too... ahhhh...that why i didn't get married or have n e kid... when i was 15 or 16....why get married so young and have a kid so young??? i ain't disrespecting you or anything like that.... but why so young with alot of problems???.... it ain't like you can't get married or have any kids later on in life.... well my solution is... hit the gym... or start exercising.... it helps me with my stress at work and school....

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dont want to sound harsh but you need to live a little. I am sure you love your child and i am sure you think this bloke is the one for you but you are still a child yourself and you need to live your life as you, not as someone elses gf.


get out, enjoy time with friends, spend time with your bf but take it easy, and stay away from your childs dad.


most importantly try and learn to love yourself, the sex thing is probably just that its easier to have sex with someone when no emtions are involved for you, because sex with emotions is leaving yourself exposed again to hurt.


good luck x

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