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he says i am being paranoid, am i???

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what do you think about me thinking about my boyfriend cheating and questioning him. He says I am paranoid. Once, he cheated on me and lasted 15secs thought I was going to barge in the room and catch him. That's exactly how I felt when I was that close with another guy. Do we need to break up? Is he psychic? Does he read my mind and go from there? I feel like he is this mind-reader who will do anything for my needs and wants. Obsession! Is that crazy or what?

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not exactly sure what you're asking but you know what, everyone always says that if you have a good relationship cheating won't happen. but in fact, it always manages to sneak in when you least expect it. maybe a co-worker, someone at a club etc. i have a friend who cheated on his gf once and has since never done it agin cause of the guilt from doing it. in any relationship, u have to make sure that u both love each other. if it isn't a relationship that has love, then cheating is bond to be there. hope this helps.

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