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im in great need!!!!

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hello, im back, after reading problems posted here and giving advices as well, its really hard when you are the one in a situation..okay here's my problem;


i had a bf, i love him so much and when we were together and shared intimate moments i know he loves me. but sometimes i feel being used. im the one always finding ways just to see him, he don't even ask for a date and i observed that whenever he needed extra money or help he would call me and find time to see me, this flatters me bec. i always bear in mind that im his first person to lean on and i am really willing to help him without anything inreturn but lately i found myself giving him so much and yet getting nothing. im not asking in return i am just hoping that he would treat me as his gf, someone special just like any other bf treated their gf, right? when we were together he used to send text messages to his friends and telling me that its important to text them back, and when we are not together and i sent a message to me he didn't even care to text me back and i have to wait hours for his reply. one night, somebody sent a text message for him and when i asked him, he even hide his cellphone and didn't care telling me at all, i walked out and he didn't even care what happen to me. i just received an email and there he explains things. i told him that if he only explains things earlier things should not happen and how i can i trust him that he is telling the truth?now im really tired, i love him but im tired, iwith all my relationships i remember when you love the person, love makes you stronger and love move you to go on but now i don't feel anything like that, im so tired..i don't know what to do, i want him back and he wants the same thing but the more i love him the more pain i get and worst i don't trust him anymore.. i want to cry but i just can't. evrynight i found myself awake and thinking that we are still on.. i just don't know..he told me that i kept on counting my sacrifices, well in fact im not, i just told him all of this to make him realized how much i love him but now he took it on the wrong way.. help me, he didn't even remember my birthday and i forgave him for that, instead of trying to off-set that he doesn't make any effort at all, do you think he loves me?


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thanks! i really appreciate your responses, don't woory i'll talk to him if our path crossed, he doesn't have a cellphone since he was held-up and for added infos, last two days i saw him eating in a restaurant with a guy, i walked with my friend and he saw us but he has no reaction and when we enter in the place and sit down he went out with his male companion, i don't know i feel something fishy, actually he used to have a sex with agay and some people just told me that he is a bisexual, i didn't ask me about that bec. i love him and now im confused and maybe that is the reason why even if i love him now nad he keep on telling me he loves me too i just don't have the energy to go back to him bec. im afraid what if he is having an affair with a guy...

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