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Depressed with life....I dont know what to do please help!

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First off ill start by saying i'm depressed because of my girlfriend. It seems like she doesnt even love me as much as i love her. She tells me her work is so crappy and shes unhappy where she works that it seems she doesnt like me but she sais its because of her job. she hasnt been the same person after she broke up with me. it really seems im doing all the work to keep the relationship alive! somtimes i feel like cutting my arm up again because im so deeply depressed i dont want to live anymore. please can somone help me.

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Well I am going to try to give you best advice or support I can. I am not in your situation, but I have been. This was a few years ago, but i was very much in love with a man who didn't feel it to the same degree I did. While i went on in the relationship thinking that I had someone who cared about me..he didn't even consider me his girlfriend! I was heart broken to find out that I wasn't even someone important to himand I considered him my whole world! I attempted suicide many times. That situation with him made my world seem impossible. I tried not to talk about it with anyone because their response was always "don't worry" "just leave him ". They didn't understand, its not as easy as it sounds. Now here comes the hard part. It took me a while to realize it but, I was feeding my own sorrow..I was not going to get over this If I didn't want to...and I didn't. It took me a year to fully let go. I didn't love myself, I was going through a stage in my life where I didn't know why I wasn't good enough, and how I wish I could be better for him. I wanted to be someone else..I thought things couldn't get any worse. He was the poison in my life, and the longer i kept him around the worse I felt. Only to realize the problem isn't with him..it was with me. I needed help. so I went and talked to my mom...who didn't really understand where I was coming from...so I turned to my doctor who referred me to a great therapist. I can try to cut the story short and tell you that I am still depressed at times, because for me it is a hereditary trait. However I have a extremely loving man in my life and I am on my to being very successful in my field of choice. I suffered alot more heartbreak after that 1 relationship..but every experience that held me down HONESTLY made mte stronger.


have faith in yourself and please..if you can...find a professional you can talk to to.

My response may have bored you...but I can understand how you feel....things CAN get better..if you WANT them to.

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Hi CustomX!


I have also been in quite some trouble in the last years, and I was really down some time ago. 18 months ago I didn't see a way out of the problems, but something changed the way I was thinking...


My ex nearly made me terminate my life, but then I decided that she wouldn't get that pleasure. She wasn't worth it.


What really helped me was some tapes of positive thinking that a friend gave to me, and from those tapes there were 2 lines that I remember clearly:


- Even though how hard the situation you are in, there are always others in an even harder situation.


- It's not a question of how many times you get beaten down, but how many times you get up again.


It's hard to give any advice about your relationship with your girlfriend out of what you have written, but remember that no other person is worth your own life. If it is not working out between the two of you, it might be better to split up even if it seems hard. A relationship should be a good thing and not be the root of problems.


I would surely advise both you and your girlfriend to read some material about positive thinking, and don't let the depressions ruin your lifes.



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Hey, I'm really sorry this has happened to you because I have been there before just like many other people. the best advice I can give you is to try and get yourself to feel better and get your mind off of her. do you really want to be with someone who doesn't show your love for you ? no, you should be with someone who treats you right and should expect no less. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and I'm sure it would only be a matter of time before you found someone else. You CAN get through this you just have to give it time because you will feel depressed and there is nothing that can avoid that. remember the world is going to keep on spinning and you shouldn't let yourself down like this. You need to show her that you are better than that.

I suggest you focus and plan out what to do to become successful person, make her feel like she's losing something big. I know you love her but if you dont feel it back, you are not getting anywhere. work at it, if you are always positive and keep your head up, there should be no reason why she wouldn't be with you. good luck and I hope things work out for you.

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