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Stuck in a rut - need teh advice


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Ok so here's how it is (I'll keep it brief for ease of reading)


Some months ago I posted about a girl that I had a love hate thing going with. Well, most of the hate/rage is gone (we won the award for "most likely to marry upon leaving school" because we bickered so much), but we're still quite fond of eachother.


School finally finished forever last month, and I left there with three people that I had intention of actively staying in contact with. She was one of them. On the flipside, she also has only three people she intends to remain in contact with, and I'm one of them (yay) (the day after graduation we went out to a local fair and she made the joke that I was her first "official post grad friend").


We have insanely good conversations ( I mean like REALLY good... I once called her with the intention of just seeing what she was doing the next day, and ended up on the phone for two and a half hours), and we share like... almost every interest common (and we jointly got top of History Award yayz). I do believe we have what is referred to as reasonable chemistry.


Now here's the problem. I'm clueless as for what to do. I do like her, and feel theres a reasonably good chance she likes me, and hell, we make/made a great team over the past year. But I'm not sure where to go from here... like I don't want to do one of those things where I go all serious and am like "Amanda, I need to tell you something about how I feel etc etc" [/serious voice] (if you catch my drift), but I don't want to leave it at idle suggestions and a bit of flirting and then be wondering for the rest of eternity.


So yeah, just lob some advice my way fellahs.


Thanks in advance.

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Too much talk before getting some physical feedback is not the best idea. The term "friendzone" is tossed around too much, but the more emotionally intimate you get with a woman, the more pressure will be involved when physical contact comes into the picture.


You're out of school, set goals for your life. Tell her you are doing this and that your first "goal" is to ask her out on a proper date because you enjoy her company and friendship. Say this in a humorous way. She may respond with the ole LJBF, and if she does, offer the rebuttal, "I feel the best things in life start with friendship, how do you feel?" If she is still cold to this killer line, take her at her word and cultivate other women who may respond better when asked out. Best wishes.

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i had a girl like that in high school. always arguin. we totally had sexual tension. i think we argued so much as a young flirty type of thing. our brains wouldn't allow us to see eye to eye on things. i never made a move on her. she was dam fine too. oh well. last i heard she was married and has like 3 kids.


but you should tell her you want to take her out for a coffee and just talk. that will show your intention.

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