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nothing ever goes right for me!


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Everytime I get involved with a guy it ends in disaster: me getting my heart broken. I have never had a proper relationship and Im 18 for gods sake. The guys either just go for my looks, use me, which I realize after a while. Or nothing happens. For instance, In the last year I`ve fallen, like properly fallen, for just two guys (at separate times off course). I did`nt fall for their looks but for their personality and the more I got to know them the more georgous they became. Anyway according to to absolutely every1 (best friends, work mates, people at college, even the manager at work!) they fancied me. Even I was pretty sure they did cos it was kinda obvious, one of them even told me! Despite this I never ended up going out with them.When they found out I liked them they went all uncommunicative. One said, through his friends, he just wanted to be friends. I went on a date with the other one and we were supposed to go on another but he never asked and I sit next to him in 4 lessons! Is there something wrong with me? Why cant just for once a guy I like like me back, ask me out and everything go well? Its not fair!

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You dont say much about how you behave around them. I would guess if there being scared off that you might be appearing a bit clingy or desperate?


If so you just need to relax, try not to fall for guys you like in a big way so fast, take it easy, have fun with them and keep it light hearted for a while, they will like you more for it.


At 18 you really dont need to panic, just enjoy yourself, your obviously attractive cos you say they go for your looks, so that gives you a head start, then all you have to do is be chill and you'll have a fella you like in no time.


Good luck

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Absolutly nuthin worng with u !!!


Its them who are the losers and hey consider urself lucky that u dindt go out if they were going to be fake


u got the right way dont hide ur emotions let them flow and believe me that person is going to come around ..and when he is going to then he wil be just right for u


AGe is not a factor ...i met the first girl i really loved when i was 23


so u can meet a lot of people but proably fall in love and be loved by a small percent


so nuthin wrong with u love aint a game its a for real ..and i WILL HAPPEN!!!


take care and g luck

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