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Is it wrong? Please help!!!

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Ive just turned 28 and I have a 7 year old child. I was in a three year relationship that ended in February. I rarely fall in love and dont sleep around.

I have met a lot of great new people and I dont feel like a need a new relationship or need a man to validate my existence. However, I have a younger brother (24) and some of his friends have become my friends too. They vary in age and we usually all meet up one night on the weekend at a club. A particular friend of his and I have become really attracted to each other. We get along so well and we dont really feel an age gap when were hanging out together. Hes 19. We send each other funny emails and texts during the week. He has 2 older brothers whom I am also friends with. My brother in the past has befriended my friends and has kissed one or two.

Anyway younger boy and I have become really close. We laugh so much together and think along similar lines about things. A few weeks ago he kissed me. We then backed off from each other out of respect for my brother. Neither of us really see the point in one night stands. I miss him when hes not around and Im really starting to develop feelings for him and I know he has for me. Its all just happened so gradually and I told my brother we kissed and he was fine with it. I told younger boy on the weekend that I cant kiss him anymore and we chatted about it a little bit. He wants to catch up during the week.

My best friend thinks hes great and supports me because she knows him and knows that we get along so well. I was talking to another friend today and she told me that she doesnt think its right.

Younger boy is such a beautiful person. Hes come from a good home and has good values. I enjoy hanging out with so much but dont want to do the wrong thing.

What do u think?

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Hi, glad to hear you met someone you like, sorry to hear you have a problem with it!


Listen, if it was the other way around it wouldnt be a problem, you really should stop worrying about doing the right or wrong thing and do what you FEEL.


He sounds like a mature kinda guy and if you get on so well stop fighting it and get together for feck sake. If you dont cos of this or that reason you will regret it big time.


Call him up make a date and stop making excuses, lifes to friggin short to piss about, if you like each other go for it, screw anyone who dont approve!


Go get him!

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Just what I was gonna say, lol. This is between the two of you, and how you feel, about each other and if you see any problems you're not willing to face, not about what anyone else might think. He's an adult, and if he has the right to decide if he thinks you are who he wants to be with, and you have that same right. It does seem more widely accepted for older men/younger women, so of course there are going to be people who will judge you for it, but there's at least some complications that come with any relationship. Ask your friend who disapproves if it's on principle, or if she has concerns she doesn't think you're considering, if the first is the case, she's being very narrow minded, if the second, you can hear her out and maybe lay her concerns to rest. Ultimately, sometimes you have to be a little selfish and do what's best for you, not what others will approve of. Don't let a good chance pass by for fear of other's disapproval, it's only the two of you that have to walk in your shoes, not them.

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hey, you should talk to your brother see if he would have any problems with you guys moving to the next level. one very importnant thing to keep in mind is his age, if it doesnt bother either of you great BUT the age group he is known to experimnet etc he is just getting out of highschool probly moving out of his parents house and so on, he may not believe in one nite stands but i highly doubt he is looking for something serios just fun ,i feel one of the most important thing sis to see how he is with your daughter, take it slow see if your brother is fine with it and be careful you dont get hurt


hope everything works out

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