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how do i become cocky enough to get women?

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I like your pun there, hehe.


You can still be a nice guy, but you do need to be self confident, its just so common that "nice guys" are usually the shy types, and attach themselfs too much to just one subject, waiting months to just say hello etc.


An assertive confident man, doesnt care about rejection, if he sees a girl he likes, he makes his moves, if she doesnt like him, he moves on, he dont dwell on it, he knows there are other fish in the sea, and they will say yes, if this girl cant see who i am, big deal, her loss, cause I know I am a great guy.


Problem is with these "confident" guys is that many of them are jerks, thats why you see so many girls going out with them. so if YOU can be confident, AND a nice guy, then you would be the perfect guy for many woman.


there is so much on this topic it would take a book, and guess what, there is one written, I have even seen it displayed on this forum, by the way I am not trying to push products, just suggesting a good bok on this subject. it called "How to Succeed with Woman" , I have this book in my collection, its very good. its not like one of those dumb "how to pick up babes" books. it really helps you work on you.

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hey musicman. First of all you have to just chill. I've read a couple posts of yours the last couple of days and it just seems to me like your so locked into "tryin to be a playa" that you're missing the big picture. Do you play guitar or something? (judging by your nickname). If you do this is a total "in" with the ladies and a great way to show alittle self confidence. Basically you have to extrude this sense of self confidence natrally. Be yourself. Know who you are. Go to the gym and lift some weights. After a few weeks of that I GAURENTEE you'll feel better....and after a couple of months.....LOOK OUT! Not because you're buff, but because you'll feel good about yourself and good about what you are doing for yourself. Keep the pleasant and considerate (nice) personality that you have now and mix it in with some TRUE good ol' fashioned self-C and you'll have your choice of women. Trust me. But don't be a playa. Don't abuse it, because what comes around goes around. Peace!

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