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Did I ask to be born?....Nooooooooooo

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I'm depressed right now, every girl I like is NOT interested and life is all downhill right now. I'm facing "battery assault" charges because I slugged someone in the face who was really annoying me big time.


All the girls I'm interested in are not interested in me. So I hear everyone say "you'll find your dream girl when you stop looking so hard" that's a load of Bulls**t. I'm 20 now and have never got a date with a girl I was attracted too. How the hell do you find a girl if your not looking anyway!?


All life consists of right now for me is, Monday morning go to work at 5am knock off at 2pm, go home, watch some TV, go to bed early and wake up again at 4am for work.


Then when weekend comes I spend my pay check on liquour and get tanked up to the max until sunday morning. For some reason(I blame genetics) my whole family suffers from depression yet they chose to have 5 children! That steams me the most since I'm the youngest(20) and they believed bringing children into this world was a good idea! It's not like I ASKED to be born but my parents selfishly decided to bring up in this mad world.


Life stinks right now, Since I finished highschool I have few friends that I see often, no girlfriend and I live with my mom who is also lonely and misreable since my mom and dad divorced. Life is going nowhere.


Thanks for hearing me rammble I just needed to vent. Life SUX.

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hey man i can hear u.

life suxs, especially when ur alone and cant talk to anyone. u neva know, when or if any good is gonna come out of it. if i was in ur shoes, i'd start making major changes in my life.


get to know the people at work. be friends with them, and go out! F*** TV! at the moment i wud just try to find as many contacts as i can. go library and read books while also meeting new people. coffee shops. try the internet chat rooms and find people who share ur same hobbies/interests. get to know everyone at ur work place, and go out on friday, saturday nights! im sure u do, but just keep going, and try to have a good time, because that way U WILL ATTRACT PEOPLE AND GIRLS. stop the booze, or at least balance it out. play sports with them regularly, or local people at ur park. join some clubs and really socialise.


trust me someone special will appear. u know i was just like u 2 years ago. i really needed a girl to keep me company. i didnt think i'd ever get one. i prayed every night to GOD for one to appear for me. 6 months later i met a girl that i didnt really think too much of, but she fell in love with me first sight. i wasnt interested in her at all. 3 months later i decided to give her a go, and now i believe that she is the one for me (we're curerently apart but im gonna get her back because i love her soo much). Pray to God, because he will get u thru. work out, running, swimming.


do all of these and u will reep the rewards as they just keep rolling in. if u just carry on with the lifestyle u have, nothing will happen, and u will stay depressed. so start changing now.


if u can make it thru the night, theres a brighter day! loool good luck!

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I wanted to write to you and say that I know life can be really hard. I just want you to know that i am also a 20 yr old, and know some of the generational issues. Though, I must warn you, i am one of those good girls.



I didn't date or ever have a guy even tell me he liked me until i was about 18, or maybe i was 18. My math is not so good right now. It was really hard, and I felt that there must be something wrong with me--because everyone else was dating someone. I found out though that it was just taking a little longer for me to find Mr. right, because I didn't need to go through all the bad ones to find a good one, I just had to wait longer and look harder (and in ways I didn't expect). I began using the internet a lot and low-and-behold, i made some awesome friends. I eventually fell in love with one of my guy online friends, and i have now been dating him for 2 years.


Remember beauty and attraction should not be limited to physical appearance. Try to find someone whom you can also connect with on a deeper level!! (because looks and no content are just as bad as no looks, or maybe worse).

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