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I was looking at the girl's (the gr9 I like) facebook page, and I saw that she had posted a poem... well kind of a poem.


young love-

does it really work?

people cry over others

people cut themselves

people say they want to kill themselves.

over what?

oh ya


too me its not worth it.

people say they can't live on without him.

there's even people out there who quit school

over what?

what they think is love

is it all worth it in the end?

"he's the one! i no it!"

how many times have i heard that!?

young love, does it excist?

I've had the feeling of butterflies

and birds-

maybe theres a moment where i think

its loves

but in the end,

its not

its just another person who has enterted your life,

somtimes leaving forever.

but in the end

do u think about all you have done?

do u find it worth it in the end

during the time you can think

it will last forever

but then reality hits you

a punch in the stomach

so you could cry

stay sick in bed.

or you could get right back out there

and be patient.

wait for the right one

because really its not worth the tears



And... well, normally I wouldn't look at it, but it was added the very same day she told she didn't like me like that. Just a bit earlier, like a couple hours.


Soo... do you think this could possibly be related to me, or am I just reading into things far too much?

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I'll have to agree with musicguy on this one

By the looks of it, she's had a few encounters with what she thought was love, and in the end it broke her and did her no good. So she's decided to not let it get to her again, at least not for a little while. Whether or not it relates to you, who knows. What you've gotta remember is that, as musicguy said, poetry is a form of expression. In this poem, she's expressing that she doesn't WANT to be in love anytime soon. So whether or not you like her, maybe you should just keep it to a friendship level Though, I'm no guru! Do what makes you happy

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