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I decided to take the high road and it feels really good,

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So I finally decided to tell my ex she needs to stop contacting me. She has been dating someone which seems to be a rebound but who knows. We ended up hooking up again last weekend, but I do not think it is good for either of us to keep doing that.


This is the email I sent to her:


"I honestly think that when you get upset with him you call me which isnt

fair to either of us. just remember I will always have a spot in my

heart for you and I hope someday you are happy, I just think you have a

lot of issues going on right now and I just dont want to get sucked back

in to feeling bad again. You have been with this guy for longer than me

and you were together and its pretty obvious he is not the one for you

but yet you stay with him. I honestly think you are afraid to be alone

and face these issues by yourself but who knows. I will be there for you

if you ever need me and please realize that I know you very well and am

just trying to help you. In the end I will always love you and want you

to be happy no matter who you are with and you just dont seem like the

same person to me. Take care **** and good luck with everything."


She replied w. the following:



"Thank you that means a lot to me you don't understand. I needed someone

to tell me that and maybe you were right that no one else would because

they didn't feel they could. You have always been there for me that is

correct and maybe I am indecisive a quality that I never had before. I

am really trying, I certainly don't want you to feel like that ever

again and I will do what I can do to help that. Good luck with your job

interview, if you want let me know how it goes and I will continue to

keep an eye out for what we have opening now and in the future."


I just feel like it was a nice way to leave things and I do hope she can be happy in the future. I feel as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders now and I may finally move on completely. I have gotten to the point where if I never heard from her again it wouldnt matter which is nice.

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Well done! I did the same thing after being pulled from pillar to post. Fortunately for you your ex has responded in a healthy way. Mine flew of the handle and blamed me for everything. It was then that I realised I was dealing with something a little different.


You must now isolate yourself despite the pain and confusion that will inevitably eat away at you. Do not doubt what you have done. It is without doubt absolutely correct if you are to move your life forwards. It is the end of the relationship with this girl. Face it and let go. I promise you that within the year you will start looking back wondering what all the fuss was about. In other words you will start to heal.


Very well done.


PS - if she does contact you it will be quite acceptable fro you to ignore it. Again it will be tough but very slowly you will feel your power and self esteem growing. It is a magical feeling.


Stay strong.

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