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Will she understand...will she...will she...i need answers..

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WTF was I thinking......I just did something that probably wont be able to be fixed......this lack of communication is taking its number on me.......I turned to one of my friends that is a girl to ask for advice because she lives not to far away.....when I get there she already had a little to drink...so I take a couple shots to be on her level thinking it would maybe help me get my problems out.......boy was I wrong........appears that my friend has been interested in me all along and she never tried to tell me because I had gotten back with my girlfriend......So we just there talkin feeling good......and all of a sudden she puts the moves on me....I start kissing her back...but realizing It was not right and thinking of my girlfriend made me push her off....She kept coming back...trying to unbuckle my pants..to this point i'm at the verge to pass out...When I woke up the next morning.....my pants were off......I have no idea what happened....i left as soon as i woke....I havent talked to the girl because im afraid of what she might say went on.......I am going to tell my girlfriend....I had not intention of ever doing wrong to my girlfriend...all i wanted was some advice and it seems i went to the wrong person.......Sorry this is long...but this is the girl that im in love with...I dont need to be lectured on if im in love with her then i shouldve known b etter...thats why i pushed her off...but lord knows what happened when i passed out....i need opinions....i need to know if my girl would understand...i need to know if she will forgive......Why me....I hate myself right now...

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Hi !


Will she understand - only you can know the answer to that.


It would of course depend on the way that you would tell her, and the words and way you tell her.


You can do one of two things.


1. Not mention a thing. Hope it doesn't come out. If it does, you are probably finished.


2. Tell her what has happened, and drop the girl in it with both feet. This is her fault, and you should not sufer for it.


It won't sound good, but you are probably better off telling her. She is more likely to believe you than if she finds out later. This other girl could also blackmail you with this at a later time.


Hope this helps you some,

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Oh MAN...


Well, if you were really passed out, chances are it wasn't what she was hoping for. As a matter of fact, if your intentions were clear towards her and you DID pass out, this would be considered acquaintance rape if you were a girl.


I do have to ask, because if I was your girl I know I would, after pushing her off, why didn't you call a cab and leave? I'm asking because the most important thing is you being willing, to her, to be responsible for the position you ended up in. You're not responsible for not knowing the situation would arise, but for what you did about it from that point. And you're gonna have to be prepared to answer some tough questions. If you thought she'd take the hint and back off and now think you were an idiot, that's exactly what you're going to have to say.


Will she be able to accept it? The harsh truth is it's 50-50 at best, but you'd better tell her yourself before she hears another version from someone else. Any girl who would continue to put the moves on you after you'd said "no" may not have too many other scruples about trying to get you. And you sure don't want her to get a version from your "friend's" point of view.


A lot is going to depend on if you have a lot of trust from your girlfriend already, if not, she might not believe what you say, and there won't be a lot you can do about it. Sorry, but now's when you'll find out the hard way how strong a foundation you have, and if you being honest, and honestly sorry will be enough for her.


And I'd be pretty pissed at your "friend" if I were in your position, you being a guy doesn't make it any more acceptable to try to take advantage.

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