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is he wurried about the age gap? (guys + girls)

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ok to some of you this may sound stuupid, but theres this lad i work with and hes so sweet! and i kinda fancy him, im 17, my birthdays not till june next year, and then il be 18. at the moment hes 21! and he will be 22 in august next year, we are always flirting and messing around at work, and i think maybe he likes me, but the other night he asked me when my birthday was and wen i told him he didnt sound disappointed or anything, and he smiled, was he thinking of the age gap? do you think a lad whose 21 is too old for me? he doesnt seem to be too mature, i mean he still knows how to have fun, let me know what you think - guys and girls! what wud u do?

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I agree...that's not a age gap at all. It may seem like it when you're 17, but it's not. If it doesn't work out and you get to 21 and you're single again. you'll be considering guys I think up to 10 years older than you. I personally think a age gap of 7 years is about right (ie....Male 30, female 23). This is purely because through experience I have found women to be that much more emotionally developed than men at a earlier age. Hope this helps....

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