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ok lately i havent been myself and i dont know why. i broke up with my ex girlfriend and ever since then my luck has sucked. i dont know what to do. i dont have that much more feelings for my ex. shes gong out with someone else. i still have a tiny little thing for her. all my friends have been telling me "shes so ugly, shes changed u" and stuff like that. not to mention shes been talking stuff about me telling other people "i dont know how you can deal with his sh*t. i was shocked when i first heard that. at first i wanted to be a good guy and jus ignore it but i cant im talkin stuff about her now. me and my friends were making fun of her and i think she heard us. i honestly dont care. i just wanted us to be friends after we broke up but it jus didnt end up like that.


now im having feelings for my one friend courtney and well i dont think she feels the same way. supposeably when me and her are together we flirt alot but i honestly dont notice it. me and her are to alike. we both laugh at anythiNg and our personality is basically the same. BUT WE FIGHT TOO MUCH. we agrue and get mad at each other every night. i dont know why i like her.i like her smile but i cant say anything or else it has to be offensive. the only problem is shes very shallow. and i dont know where i stand. me and her joke around calling each other ugly. but i dont know if she really means it. she told her friend not to tell me that im cute or else its gonna go to my head. i have no idea what that means. right now me and court are at none speaking terms. i hate this. can someone please tell me how to have more patience?! i've been trying to get these two problems off my mind by joining the chess team. i cant believe i joined. everyone doesnt believe me because i spend most my time making fun of geeks now im most likely gonna turn into one. but i dont care i like chess and im actually good at it. someone please help me. any advice on having more patience or what to do about my ex?


p.s. sorry if your a geek i dont make fun of them no more because im actually friends wit most of them now

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enjoy being a geek. playing chess beats trying to score with chicks anytime. you know the rules, you play by the rules in chess.


if you want chicks, then you gotta either attract them by sheer animal magnetism (so they just flock to you, you don't have to do anything except maybe play football as quarterback) or else you learn how to push their buttons (as most casanovas do). common guys try their luck and get bashed all the time. cos we didn't take "communication with girls 101" like the experts did.


when you breakup, there's going to be some bad blood so accept the bad rap she's giving you. some of it is bound to be true, unless she's completely evil. if she's really evil and none of the rumors are justified, you might want to do some serious thinking about who are the girls you like, man.


which brings me to courtney, this bimbo gal you like. i suggest you keep her at a distance. she's not good for you and you know it. men always get suckered into the beauty trap. i'm here to save you from a fate worse than death! stay away from her! she's bad news, brother! but if you want a girlfriend just for sex, then ok. if she's not on speaking terms, just give her a card or letter. if she exposes it, make sure it's material you can live with. make opportunities to be with her alone so you can chat. then just treat her real good (sweet words, smiles, little presents - a rose is nice), that'll make her fall head over heels with you and you can do what you like with her.

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haha court jus sent me a message sayin shes very sorry and she didnt mean anything she said. i told her watever. so should i really stay away from her? i mean we have great convos we stay on the phone for like 4 hours. i jus want to know how to have more patience. im known at my school as a funny social kid not to mention loud. but when someone says one bad thing to me im known as the kid from hell because i get so aggressive. anyone got any advice?

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