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lack of communication :(

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my fiancee got in trouble with her cell phone..actually it's an "emergency" phone and she text messages me and talked to me on it. Her lil sister told on her and she got grounded and I'm assuming has her phone taken away from her...also she rarely checks her e-mails. I'm all about communication in a relationship and this really sucks, because I'm trying to get in touch with her but I can't. I don't know what to do...I've been all because of this.



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i dont know how long its been since you last spoken to her, but the gal is not in a good position at the moment, if you really like her and want to keep it going then you have to wait till she can get out of the mess she with her parents. im sure she feeling the same and thinks you may leave her cos of all this. but my advise would be hang in there and give her time.


ask a mate of hers to tell her to email you if she can.


hope this helps... and good luck to her.

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Honestly, it sounds to me like more than a cell phone usage issue. If she talked to you all the time, and lost the phone, I would have thought she'd immediately start using email more to stay in contact. You're assuming that's the issue, but what do you really know?


If you can't get in touch no matter how you try, it does sound a bit like she doesn't want you to contact her fro some reason.


Hopefully DREAM is right though, and it will sort itself out in a little while.

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