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Does my friend like me? or is this just more flirting?

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my problems a little complicated. here goes. right now one of my really good friends thats a girl has been acting different than normal. First of all lets get this straight, she always has flirted with me. so anyways, she's been acting acting a lot like she likes me lately, just as basically only dancing with me at the last dance, and always sitting by me at lunch(she never used to do that) and always talking with me. anyways, she then starts going out with this one guy. I dont really know much about him, I do know he asked her out, and she being the nice girl she is, said yes. Well just afternoon, I was talking to her online, and she was talking aobut how she doesnt know if she should or shouldn't break up with her boyfriend. she told me that he kind of bugs her pretty often. so I just tell her to do what she thinks is right, and just go with it. (Just to let you people know, I did used to really like this girl, now i really dont like her as much, but you know, there's still some interest) The question here is, does this girl like me? or is she just continuing with her usual flirting? and if she does break up with her boyfriend, do u think she'll step up her flirting? well i hope you can help, of just post your comments, thanks in advance

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