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hey. I am bi and i like my bestfriend who is also a girl and i suspect she likes me as well. I have told her twice that I like her and asked if she felt the same and she said that she has strong feelings towards me and on another occasion i messged her when i was drunk and asked if she loved me and she said you know if i love anyone its you. (normally she doesnt express herself at all) meaning she has an image of being non emotional. she said to me after i told her the first time i liked her that shes not ready, and shes scared of girls atm, This was about 3 months ago.. but we always flirt and she is always getting close 2 me when we are alone and I just get a vibe from her that shes interested. My question is should I make a move? wait until she cracks onto me? or what? its hard to distingush whether her actions are just one of a bestfriend or more. please help.

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I'd ask her and see what she says, worst case is you might get to talk to her a bit about what she's scared of and build her confidence a little, she might be worried about what you'd expect, or have no idea what to do here. You're good friends, so getting to talk about it openly should be a good thing.

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I believe she is probably considering it, but dont pressure her too much, its something you should slip into naturally, she is not sure if she will like this, and may be afraid that if its not for her, that you will get hurt and lose you as a friend. you may be Bi, and she may be curious, but it doesnt mean that its something she will be comfortable with, and she seems to understand this, thus the hesitation.

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