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? on penis size


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I just recently reunited with my ex, everything is wonderful so far!

We have a good sex life, but I have some concerns over my member.

She is a very small woman, and I am quite large compared to her. When we really get into, if you know what I mean, I get a litte rough I guess. NOt meaning to. If I penetrate her all the way it hurts her.

I want to please her, but I want to be able to please myself too.

Certain positions are very difficult and lubrication is not a problem

I have had other petite women, and they usually do not have a problem.

Usually, they like it deep! Could something be wrong with my gf? Any advice on how to enhance both of our pleasures?


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Just as men have different sizes, so do women. you have to be very careful with this because you could cause her damage.


Im 6'2 and I also prefer petit women. and know exactly what your talking about, there isnt much you can do about this except use positions the prevent you from going too deep.


example, her on top is good, (she controls depth) plus usually the most pleasurable for women. is your on top, have her put her legs together, and your legs are spread, this limits depth but makes it tighter for you, and also feels good for her as it kinda bunches everything together if you know what I mean.

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I've had experience with something very similar. Being that I am a petite lady, it was really tough when I was intimate w/my ex. Especially in the beginning, it always hurt, but after a while, my body just got used to it, and then it was somewhat okay.


Go with Gilgamesh's tip, eventually, her you know what, will adapt to your size.

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