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I need some suggestions, and quick!


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My girlfriend has decided to spend her brithday with me, and I've been told about what she wants on her birthday (not presents, but rather, she wants me to take her to someplace that's pretty). Even though i've been thinking about it the whole time, I have little to no ideas, so I'll really appreciate it if someone can give me some suggestions! By the way, she's a nature type of person and loves going to parks.



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Thats usually a good spot, but a picnic in Canada at this time of year my be a little chilly id say.


You should know her enough that you know what she likes, is she the artsy person? or the party animal, she may enjoy a theater play, or she may like going to a comedy club, for example, Im in Florida, I would probably take her to the park as suggested, or take her on a day cruise.

maybe take her to Key west and just see the sights eat out etc. depends on the gal.


I recently have met a woman that I like a lot, and I have made it important to me to find out all about her, she likes many of the things I do, and so its easy.

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