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I need some help with my relashinship

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ok here is the story I have been seeing my girl friend for about 2 months now. we both go away to school in collage and we both live really close to one and nether back at home in NY. our good friend introduce us and we hit it off really well. the first month was grate. we were together all the time doing almost everything together, we were having so much fun. we were intimate all the time. about 2 weeks ago she went back to NY for the weekend, when she got back things were different between us communication has ben low but we still see talk to each other everyday and see each uther almost everyday. but this is not the problem.

the other day she tells me that I am always wanting to go were ever she gos and I never give her space, I toled her that I understand were she is coming from and that I wont her to have a life besides with me. and that I will stop doing that so she said ok. since she has been back for almost 2 weeks now we have not been intimate in any way but a kissing. she never wonts to sleep over anymore, and I fell like she does not wont to chill with me as much. is it just because I was always with her I never gave her space?

but the real problem I am having is I fell like our relationship is falling apart and don't what that to happen I real like this girl a lot. and I don't no what to do or say to her to let her no how I am felling

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Communication is what the two of you need to do at this point. Since you do realize that she needs a bit of space, the best thing for you to do is back off, and give her that space. Sometimes space and distance in a relationship can build the relationship up, or break it down if you two are not communicating during this time...


Its not that she needs a life besides you, to put it in better terms, there are other things in her life that she needs to focus on, and in all acutality...by spending time apart, and if the couple are truly in love,...the distance slowly increases the depth of your feelings in a beautiful and promising way... If you detect that during this "space", she is pulling away...im sure a red flag will go up in ur head, that the relationship is not in such good standings as you envisioned it once being.


Some ppl need space as a easy way out, and slowly drift apart, and when that happens, altho it breaks your heart, and you feel as if you cant go on...its not healthy to chase after them,...or force someone to love you. Love isnt forced. Don't put urself thru that extra pain. Love flows as naturally as the breeze flowing thru palm trees...


Just remember that true love is unconditional and it doesnt walk out on you with short notice...or else it isnt classified as Love...





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I agree with cookies (by the way, hello cookies long time no see)


I think that when she went away, she did some sould searching and is trying to see where she is,and evaluating her true feelings for you, let her have this time to sort things out. dont give any indication of doubt or make her feel guilty over this.


If its gonna work out, she will sort things out and love you with no restraint, but if not, she will drift off, and you know, out of all the ways a break up can happen, thats probably the best way, no hard feelings, no sudden surprises or painful cheating. if she drifts away, let her. there is nothing you can do about this, you cannot force someone or convince someone to love you or want you, if you try, you will only push her further away, and close the doors to her coming back someday.

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so you all are telling me that I should not evan bring anything up to her. how do I let her no what I am felling or find out were this relationship is or were its going. I really don't no what to say and I fell like something needs to be said. I no this week she has been depressed this is the first time she is away at school and was a little home sick this week when she got back I don't no if this has anything to do with it but I really need help I don't no if I should bring anything up to her...

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Dont bring anything up, just tell her you wish her well, and that if she wants to talk, you will be there for her. thats it, she knows you love her, she knows you want her, nothing you say or do will "convince" her to be different, "If you love them let them free, if they love you they will return"


do you really think that making her feel guilty about leaving you will make her return? do you really want her to be with you out of pity? do that and its over forever.

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