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When a person rejects you, it seems the whole world does...

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I feel like everything I've worked towards, eveything I invested hope and effort in is stabbing me in the back. I feel like life is killing me. I've had depression for four years, I've been proactive in getting help through therapy and medication, and I can't seem to get over my pattern of self defeat. The only girl I've ever truly had strong feelings for turned me down for another guy that treats her like garbage. I know I'm loved by family, friends and I know I have talents I should be executing (I am a musician), but none of that seems to be comforting. I'm still heartbroken and obsessed over someone who could care less about me and what I have to offer. And I think I could offer a lot. Why can't I stop wasting my time and emotions thinking that this girl is so wonderful? I ashamed of myself for not being able to get through this when I could have so much to live for.

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I've been where you are. I can assure you, the girl wouldn't solve your bigger problem: lack of self-worth


Your placing the girl on a pretty big pedistal. You have to remember, she's human. She farts, she sometimes has a booger hanging off her nose, she sometimes has bad breath.. my point is.. she's human and has problems of her own. Don't place your self-worth on her love.... that's way too much pressure to place on someone mainly because you are supposed to help and assist a partner, not expect them to love you so much that you gain your self-worth back. That's not what it's all about.


Sounds like you are very talented. Redirect that energy into making yourself a stronger person. Build your fort. Strengthen your foundation.

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I agree with the we are all human and that no one can place so much of their self worth in anyone. Yet I do believe that if he is willing to build on his self confidence, get out there doing everyday things, work on the areas of his life and bad habits, read and work on the mind, go out and walk-jog-or go to the gym to exercise. Tone the body and the mind as well as put it all down into a creative medium such as writing a song or a few songs and who knows. He may one day become famous as well as gain self worth, confidence, self respect, and maintain a gentlemanly outlook on life. A few have done it but there is always room for more.

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