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How much is not enough?


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There is this new girl that I like. Her and I are friends, but haven't spent all that much time together. We are friends with a mutual friend, but now we are kind of making our own friendship. We saw each other the other day and she invited me to go bowling with her and bunch of people from some dorms. She made it sound as if I was her "date" for the evening. And she seemed to concentrate her attention on me while we were out. Now, since I don't know her all that well, I am unsure about how I can get to know her better. I don't want to look like I am trying to jump into a relationship and look like I am being pushy or something. So to avoid this, I am not doing anything with her, in terms of contacting her. I have no idea what I should do. How do I approach her without looking like I am being dumb? Do I just be sincere? Is that all I need? I want to get to know her, but I am unsure on how and if there is anything I need to be careful of.

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Hey easy mate its only a female(haalp);

Contact her get to know her better , tell her that you want to know her better and that you find very interesting and nice, see what she says , but contact her !!

Things you should be careful about hmm lets see , she is a female!! Most vicious species know to man on this side of the universe ..lol

Many have suffered , can you conquer the final frontier !! ..lol

Hey go for it , girls are gr8 in there own way plus u can kiss em ..lol

But seriously now do contact her shes proably a sweet and nice girl


G luck mate

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Hi Obsolete, thanks for bringing this to eNotalone!


I agree, you should definitely persue this girl if you are interested, she seems to be interested from what you mentioned.


The important thing to remember is that you two still don't know eachother very well, so don't take her kind gestures too seriously yet. I would definitely refrain from calling her repeatedly, you don't want to come on too strongly, for obvious reasons!


My suggestions would be to see if you can get together in a similar way as you already mentioned... with a group of friends for bowling or a movie, etc. Towards the end of the night, just ask her something simple and friendly, like "Hey, it was great to see you, when can I see you again!". If she says "I don't know..." then offer to give her a call sometime, and see what her response is. If she gives you her number, then she's probably interested, but I would suggest not calling her until you actually have some possible plans, or a way for you two to get to know eachother better. That way, you don't risk coming on too strongly...


Best of luck, go for it!


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