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A guy broke up with me and told me that he was going to move in with another woman. I was so hurt! His finanes were bad and he wanted me to live with him. I dont really go for the shacking so I said no. Also I stop helping him out with his money situation because he really wasnt trying to make it better. He made good money and didnt know how to manage it. Well during this break up he treated me bad. He cussed me out and tried to get all he could get out of me because I was vulnerable. Now he calls me from his new apartment and blocks his number out. He wants me to meet him and so on. Why is he calling me if he doesnt want me? Now I dont respond to his calls at all. I am somewhat jealous of his present relationship and dont know why. I cant seem to heal from this.

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Hello Kimg


You should thank your lucky stars you have this guy out of your life, he just was using you in so many ways.


how you can see anything in this guy is beyond me. someday you will be asking yourself the same thing.


Your doing the right think to block his calls, thats a start. what you want is what you wish he were, which you think he is with that other girl. He is her problem now. dont be jealous of her, pitty her.

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