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Ex g/f playing head games, need advice on what to do

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I'm in a very tough/weird situation and I don't know what to do. Basically my ex g/f is playing head games with me. When her and I hang out a lot of the time, she is very close to me physically. Not sexually, but holding hands, cuddling, etc. She even invited me last weekend to her parents house for her sisters birthday, and when we were there we were cuddling and holding hands on the couch while her family was around. Later we then went to a movie, and she grabbed my hand and we held hands and cuddled in the movie.


The thing is, is that I know she does not like me like that. Her roommate/best friend is telling me a bunch of things about her because I need to know these things. She is telling me stuff about her and other guys, etc. She also had a big talk with my ex last week about how she has to stop leading me on if she doesn't like me and my ex basically just said no i don't like him, i don't know. I don't think that she does like me just because she never has much interest in talking with me or knowing what's going on in my life. It's almost like she doesn't like me, but she is still jealous when she finds out about me and other girls.


One big problem of mine is that I always dote to her. Just last weekend she called me at 2:45am for a ride home from a party, and of course stupid me went and got her. I knew right away when my phone rang that it was her and that she was calling because she needed something. I am giving her so much and I'm not even her boyfriend. I will pick her up, I will hang out with her when she calls me, etc. I know I shouldn't do this but sometimes I just wish that maybe it will help me out in getting back with her, but I think I have now finally realized that she is not interested in me and maybe just likes how I treat her.


Yesterday she called me and left me a voice mail saying that her rugby game is tomorrow morning, and she was wondering if I could stop by her apartment and pick up her shorts. I just flipped out when I heard that! I can't believe she had the nerve to ask me that. I have not called her back or talked to her since then.


My problem is that I know she's just messing with me but I don't know what to do since the only reason I know this is because of her friend. IF it wasn't for her friend telling me the truth about everything I would be completely blind and would keep doting to her and everything. I think I may need to cut off contact or at least minimize it but I wish I could just let everything out with my ex but I can't because that would cause a lot o problems with her and her friend. I just feel that I'm in a bad situation and I'm not sure what to do now. I still like my ex but I know that I can do much better, I just don't know what to do about her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Are you a ragdoll or a human being? If you are ragdoll keep letting her toy with you. If you are a human being stop letting her do this to you. Cut off all contact with youre ex. She is using you and you are letting her. I believe you can do much better as well, let her go, improve youreself, and eventually find someone much better.

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