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how does she really feel about me?

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Ok, I need some help....I have this girl that I have been talking to for a couple of weeks. We talk on the phone almost everyday, and we have hung out a few times. However, everytime we hang out, it seems to be with her friends and never just the two of us. I have gone on to ask her out to dinner a couple of times, but each time she says that sounds good. Then, when it comes time to go out or something, she usually says she has some homework or something for school, so she wants to push it back. Like two nights ago, I asked her if she wanted to go to dinner tomorrow night, and she said she thought that would be ok. So, I called her last night and she said that she had some stuff to take care of, and she wanted to push it back to next week. That is the second time that has happened. However, she then asked if I wanted to come over and watch television with her and her roommates. I declined, because I can't make it sound as if I am too desperate. But, my question is that I don't know how she really feels about me, and that is really bothering me. Do you think that she doesn't like me at all but doesn't want to be mean, or that she really does like me, but she is afraid that if we do spend time together by ourselves then something might happen between us? I also have a feeling that she is afraid of dating because of her roommate that she spends all her time with. I think she is afraid that her roommate won't have anybody to talk to or hang out with if she is with me. I am really confused, because sometimes, I feel as if she does like me, and then there are other times, like when she pushed back the date a couple of times, as if she doesn't like me more than a friend, but she doesn't want to hurt my feelings. I need to know what to do? Can somebody please help me...

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