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Is This An Ok Response to My Ex?

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I had posted earlier about my ex who broke up with my to pursue her friends as well as an ex of hers. She had been hanging with her friends who manipulated her into thinking she was better off without me. My concern as well as her parents and our friends about her sudden change in decision and behavior fell on her deaf ears. Either way, she told me honestly what she felt about me all the years we dated and that her friends didnt like me that much. the funny thing is these friends were friends from her past that surfaced 3months before we broke up and didnt know me personally. She is a single mum with a son (Andruu) from a previous relationship. It was a hard breakup but i found strength and moved on. Almost 6 months later she send me an email after i moved to another state. After careful consideration, i think she took my kindness for weakness and was unappreciative of me. Anyway, her email reads:


"Just wanted to say hello and to see if everything is going okay with you. I am very sorry that things didn't work out between us. I am okay now. After a cry out for help, I finally got it. It just seemed like nobody would listen to me but me. So I took the liberty of helping myself out of my own mess. I just needed a reality check. I don't know how I manage to do the things. Well email me back sometime."


I had talked to the board about not replying but to avoid to make things clear to her about how i feel i decided to reply to have closure. I have moved on and now living my life close to what i supposed it will be. My reply goes:


"Hi there. I did my best to help you out and be considerate. You never did capture my vision for us and it seemed regardless of what I did it was never enough for you. You really disappointed me and your actions were not fair to me, your parents and Andruu. You robbed yourself of being with a wonderful person. As I have always said what you say and what you do are always two different things. I have given you numerous chances to better yourself but in some way, you always tried to put me at fault. You really don't need to be sorry that things didn't work out as a relationship can't be a one sided affair with one person trying to hold things together all the time. I am doing great and feeling better than ever. I got admitted into pharmacy school and have started work on my doctrate in pharmacy. I am basically working hard as I always do and preparing myself for grad school. Send my regards to your parents, ok."


What do you guys/girls feel about her response and what she wants and my reply?

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i think it would be better if you just told her how you moved on & stuff, but i don't think its fair to be putting the blame on her, even though it might seem like its her fault that the relationship didn't work. i think that the response you give her makes it seem like you are upset, which you might be, but bringing back the past isn't the way to get out your anger at her. her email makes it seem like she doesn't think you were caring towards her in the relationship, which is probably untrue & she is probably trying to put the blame on you, but saying those things to her will not make anything better, or change the past. i think you should just forget about her. obviously she hurt you, but you need to move on & not say anything to make her feel like she's a bad gf.

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