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When is enough ENOUGH?

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Hello Forum,


I'd like to ask you all this:

What questions do you ask yourself before you call it quits with someone, whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a husband/wife situation?


Regardless of the normal pet peeves that we all have in our relationships, what REAL questions do you ask yourself before doing the deed of splitting up?


Thank you,

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one thing you should ask is... if you are truly happy in your relationship... if you feel that you aren't, ask yourself if you can do anything about it, like go see a marriage counsler, or couple's counsler. being happy is really important in a relationship because if you aren't happy, you will regret a lot of things about your life later on. also, ask yourself if you can live without this person. you should have someone that you can't live without rather than someone you can stand living with. those are just some questions that i would ask myself, but you should also follow what your heart is saying.

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I had to ask myself that very same question. What I found helpful was a book called "Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay". It makes you ask some very definative yes/no questions, then explains what your answer means and provides a solution. If the solution does not work, then it's best to leave. I found the book at my local library, unfortanely it has too much information to list here. Good luck.

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I think you should leave a relationship when you know things are not going to change. Staying in a relationship that doesn't make you happy or satisfied is not good. If you talk things through with your loved one to no avail then...you should think whether you really want to stay with that person. I believe each one of us deserve to be happy. Why waste your time being with someone who brings nothing but pain? On the other hand, some people stay in these types of relationships because they are afraid to be alone...and thats sad.

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