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School makes everything seem worse when you're single...


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You guys may feel I'm stating the obvious, but it seems like a lot of people are going out with someone at my school, and at an unnatural rate. 3 weeks ago, life at school was normal. From then to the present, I now call my high school "The High School of Love" It may be because a homecoming dance is coming up, but still, this is NOT normal. I think I feel this way because I don't have a g/f yet (I'm 15). I'm wondering if u guys feel the same way, if you're in high school. Thanks.



I took MollyElise's advice w/telling her friend what 2 do when the girl I like breaks up, and when it happens, \ \ \

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I know how you feel it was the same way for me when I was in high school but dont let it get you down. I did not go to a high school dance until after I gratuated. All so you are 15 you are still nuch younger then me I am 21 I know the presser about geting a girl friend and I live in the state that every guy must be merryed by 21 so that is so much harder on me becouse 7/10 of my friends are merryed. I hope this helps you.

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You think schools rough, try being in the military and not having someone. The whole environment is geared toward the family man, if you dont have a wife you usually end up getting shafted with leave, and other incentives. Then there is the stress thing, trust me it is alot more stressful in the US military than High School or anyother school can ever be. If you screw up in there people can die, and supervisors dont mind reminding you of that. So imagine coming home from work, having to stop by the chow hall and get a soybean burger, go to your room and not having anyone to talk to or hug, etc after a particularly rough day at the office.

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Man, for each person's reply, it gets worse and worse.


I know of some private schools in NJ like Don Bosco and Bergen Catholic, they are both "all guy" schools, so that's tough. Although the girl I like may be going out with a kid from a private, all-boys school...


I had no idea Utah had so many early marriges, but think of it this way: when, and I say when you get married, you may have the best wife out of u and your friends because they may have hurried their decisions.


Being in the Militatry is extremely tough. My advice is to try and keep in touch with your wife so you two stay together for the rest of your lives and nothing can break you guys up.


Thanks for the advice. I see how seeing a lot of "love" in the halls at my school can be better than not seeing any at all.

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