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HI, i am goin out on my first date with this guy tomorow night. I was actually the one who called him and asked him to go out. So im not sure if he considers it a date or not, but that doesnt matter i just want to be around him.


Ne ways wen i called his little sister ( prolly 12 or so ) said ITS HEERRRRR!!!!! and he was liek SHUTUP and answered the phone. He said I havent heard from u in a long time, and i was like ya i kno im sorry. He sounded very happy that I called and asked him to do somthing, and I was very happy I did.


So tomoro he is goin to call me and we are goin to make plans on wen and where to meet. I told him i was workin till 9 but it turns out i am not goin to be. Also wen i talked to him i think he may have thought its just me and him, but my friend likes his friend. So how to i go about tellin him to bring his friend, so it will be the four of us???????????


My problem is that i am very scared about all this. Im sooooo nervous. I need communication tips, i freeze up around guys I like. Also i do not have A CLUE AT ALL of what we are going to do. There is nothin for under 18 yr olds to do around here. Ya theres the movies, and mall but thats not fun.


SO please please any tips on my situation would be so helpful.


Thanks u guys --Colleen--


O and by the way, what if he wants to kiss me, hes a very "horny" ( but not bad ) kind of guy. Do I kiss him, or do i even reply to his horny comments??? lol

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hehe, that guy kind of sounds like me...


Well, people make communication alot harder than it really has to be. In the end all it comes down to is pushing aside that voice thats saying "what if" and just go and do whatever you want to do!


So, you believe that he is under the impression that you're both going alone, but you had hopes of bringing your friend along. There are 2 solutions to this, you can treat this as your own personal time and just go with him alone. Or you can simply tell him that you had previously invited your friend, that you hope he doesn't mind tag along. Then just say that he could bring his friend (insert name here) to keep her company.


I used to freeze up around girls, just give yourself a chance to become more comfortable around him. If you want you can tell him that you've got a bit of a crush on him and that you're nervous. Being honest is usually how I got around things.


As for what you'll be doing. A respectful guy won't force himself on you, if you wish to kiss him go for it! If you feel it's wrong, just tell him you're feeling uncomfortable... He'll understand! You don't always have to spend money to have some fun, hanging out in a park in the evening and just talking or playing TAG or something. (it's not a little kid game!) Just mess around and have fun, if all else fails and you're all poor, you can always rent a movie and go back to someone's house to watch it!


I hope this helps you somewhat.


Goodluck and Have Fun!

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Lol, tag... lots of oppurtunities for boyfriend/girlfriend-ish fun. Thats a great idea


see what his reaction is to the extra couple tagging along. See what the reaction of the tag-alongs are! (Esp. the guy)


And kissing? Don't worry about it, but if he wants to, don't refuse if you want to kiss him. (I'm saying this on personal experience, I was too shy to say yes and I still regret it.)


Good luck!

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