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what do you think of this girl


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She works at a store with my friend. She'll come over to the lanes I'm at and attempt to bag what I purchase even if I'm only buying one item(even if she's far away). Sometimes she'll just stand there or one lane over and do nothing. As soon as I leave, she'll go back to what she was doing before. A couple of times she's walked by me really fast and brush her shoulder against me. If she's busy she'll even turn around(she's facing away from me cause she's a cashier at this point and I'm in the next lane) and just stands there facing me, but looking at the floor in front of me(with this really serious look). I walked by her one time without looking directly at her and could quietly hear her suck her teeth. I'll look directly at her and I can see her looking from the corners of her eyes. I pick my friend up from work all the time so everyone knows who I am. my friend and her were talking one time and he was talking about he was waiting for me(he didn't say my name, he just said friend) to come pick him up. she said who's that? he said the one that always comes to pick me up and she said who with this really weird "looking around the room" look on her face. Another thing is I don't know if she's seeing anyone. Even though I heard she doesn't go out with guys unless she's really bored(I hear guys always try to hit on her). Then I hear she only works because she has nothing to do when at home. I asked her to come to the movies with me and my friend one time, but she had to work the days I wanted to go and didn't want to see the movie we were going to see. What's up with her and what should I do?

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One of two things is going on here:


1. She REALLY likes you and is just to unsure of herself to do anything about it, so you will have to make all the running. Maybe give her your number and tell her to call you when shes free if she fancies going out sometime, no pressure and its up to her.


2. She's quite simply a freak and you should stay well clear. She'll either boil your dog or screw your head up so bad you wont know what year it is let alone what day it is!


Just what I think!


Good luck.

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Hey if its attention she wants then give it to her;


make a move , no point in thinking just go and do some action now




get her flowers or just go say hi i mean ask around what she like gather info about her like her likes


ask ur friend , he should be able to give u good insight 0X

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