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how can i make my gf feel as good as she did with her ex?


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Ive been going out wit my gf now for 2months. last night i asked her if she liked me fingering her (not in so many words!....) and she said she liked it, but after much questioning she has only ever come once for her ex boyfriend when being fingered by him. we are both 20 and haven't had sex but she wants it to be special- romantic meal, candles etc. which sounds nice but im guessing it wont be as perfect as all that! i love her very much and just want to be able to make her happy before we have sex whenever it does happen. have you got any tips on making her come by fingering her. its making me mad to think she only has for her ex as we both love each other very much. any tips??



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Well, first you have to stop competing with her past, how long was she with her ex, and she only orgasmed once? its not so much about finger technique, you need to make her hot in her head first. the best sex begins between her ears.


You have to set up the mood, there are whole books devoted to that sort of thing, its romance, passion, hundreds of little things.


But most importantly dont blow it by being jealous of her past, or comparing yourself with her Ex. dont ask about what she did with him, if she brings him up, ask her not to, tell her thats the past and your only interested in the present and future with her.

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Ok let me give you some tips. My guy has made me come many times, so he must be doing something right.


Gilgamesh is right you have to set the mood, first of all, turn her on by teasing her, and feel her all over her top half of her body. Then slowly work your way down. But at the same time move up a little every time too tease her Then start to feel her on top of her pants. And rub her clit on top. Kiss her as you do it on her neck.


After some time, work your way into her pants, she should already be wet as you have teased her. Then make circles around her clit that is where the magic is. Keep drawing circles and rub it with you hands as well as your fingers. Then pushes a finger in. don't stop rubbing her clit though. Push in and out a few times and then back to the clit. Keep at it cos trust me gals take A LONG time to come. Some times it can take up to 30min.


So good luck. Hope this helped.

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