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Help! My best friend is in love with me and i dont know what to do.

I felt sick last night,he presented me with a gift for something that had happened to me recently.-a watch,earrings and a necklace. I was shocked,i wasnt expecting it and it was all pretty costly.


I feel so bad,he is always telling me that he loves me when he is drunk,he has only told me once sober and i had the horrible deed of telling him that i didnt feel for him in that way whatsoever and didnt want a relationship with him.I know its horrible of me to still hang about with him,knowing deep down what he feels for me,but he is my best friend,and he has been for a very long time.He's my oldest and closest friend.

The strange twist is that he's very much a 'player' though if i were to say that to his face he would be offended and swear blind that he is only looking for a relationship nowadays and has got over just having sex with girls.He also has a girlfriend at the moment,he tells me they are split up,but he is still seeing her and i know he likes her and she is very much in love with him.-Too much i think,she is getting too possessive and needy.But i have always encouraged him to try and work things out with her,coz she is a nice woman and i know they could be happy.obviously he doesnt see it that way though.


Thing is i really dont have feelings for him in the slightest.As a friend i would do anything for him etc etc but sexually and emotionally,no way. Plus i love my boyfriend very much,and he doesnt know that my friend is in love with me.I would love to tell him,but quite naturally,i can forsee that my bf wouldnt be too happy about me still hanging about with him,and i see his point.

I dont want to hurt my friend,is it selfish to still see him knowing what he feels?i want to discuss it through with my bf but i know what he will say and id ont want to lose my friend.

What can i do in this situation?

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Ok. From your last posts you are really happy with your bf, and telling him about this new situation may mess things up with your guys even tho it would not be your fault.


I have been in a similar situation, and you gave some real good advice. Take up on some of them.


But the road I have decided to take up is. To keep my distance with my mate., Cos I love my bf to much to mess things up. I subject you do the same.


Tell your mate that you don't feel the same and you kinda happy with your guy and he should be too with his gal.


But you also think that you need time to sort your head out as this has messed you up a little. That will buy you time to keep your distance and let him get on with things.

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It may be a good idea to distance yourself from your friend for a little while. But if your friend is really in love with you it wont matter how much time you spend away from him, he will still love you more than a friend. I know this from experience and its a real pain I can tell you.

I still hang around with my best friend who I am in love with. Quite alot actually but I have just told myself nothing is going to happen between us in the foreseeable future so I am just trying to think of her as a friend and go out and meet more people. It gets very awkward I can tell you, because you have to be careful what you say to your mate incase he gets offended and its not a good idea to mention your boyfriend too much.....however friends are forever and they are the people you need to fall back on when you need them so make sure you stay close to him.

Eventually he may go down the same path as me, which is you love them so much that you just want them to be happy, whether it be with you or not. Hope this helps.

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