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help me--can't think!

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hello, its been a while since i last posted my problem and help others to solve theirs. anyway, im so busy for the past months.. i have a problem my boyfriend will be celebrating his bday this 25th of october and i don't have enough money and i don't know how to make his birthday meaningful and memeorable, okay i plan of taking him to a dinner then going to a live comedy show after what else..kindly help me this is the first that he will celebrate his birthday with me.

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Ok money is not always needed, for example why don't you take him out for a pick nick or something. Or make hi8m something nice at home, that's much more meaning full cos of the effort you put into it.


And why don't you just buy him something in which you can pay in instalments.


There is so much you can do with out needing to spend anything.

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thank you for your advices, uhm... i thought of giving him a card with letter but what is the best time to give it on the same day or the night before his bday? i plan of giving him a flowers but im also thinking of cute blue baloons, what do ya think?

i would also make specialized chocolates for him..do you think i have to buy a polo shirt for him?

thanks in advance!

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