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6 months and not eating

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I wouldn't worry too much. Just follow the doctor's orders, and continue administering any medication that was prescribed for your baby. Sometimes while, or after you've been ill, you don't feel like eating. I would mention a possibly allergen to the antibiotic, (if that's what she's on,) but since she's acting like her normal self, I wouldn't worry too much about that. I hope she gets well soon!

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hey there Jamiegirl


hmm, if its just today that she's done this then i wouldnt worry! perhaps if she stops eating more and more, id check into it, but for now it could be anything.


i find being sick can ruin my appitite, and sometimes for no reason whatsoever, i wont be hungry at all for a length of 3 days. so i dont eat anything. the human body can be weird like that!

i suggest to just wait it out. but dont worry, im sure its nothing. hope she gets better real soon!



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I wouldnt worry like the post previous to me mentioned.


Even to this day when I am sick, I dont really like to eat. Just watch to see if it goes on for a while. if you live in the states you can also try some pedialite (sic) in her bottle also. That is supposed to refresh nutrients when children are ill.


Hope she feels better soon!



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