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I have no clue what else to think...

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You might have read my previous posts regarding my co-worker and me.


I have another problem. I really don't know what she wants, what she thinks about me or what she thinks generally about us. You see, we went out on two unofficial dates before. First, I invited her to see a concert with me, and she did went with me. Although our conversation was mostly one sided (she asked almost all of the questions) but I felt a little connection there. I also never made any moves on her (put my arm around her shoulders etc). Before the second date happened, I asked her if she wants to go out with me (I did it through text messaging), I never got an answer, so I said that it was for my friend and not for her and that i got their phone numbers all mixed up. Anyways, the first few days we worked together (after I explained the mixed up), she was giving me a cold shoulder and if I ask her questions her answers were open and closed ended. One day, we were alone at the break room, she asked me if I play pool/billiard, I said yes but I'm not definitely good at it. So I picked her up at her house, we played pool/billiard and ate at an expensive restaurant (She paid for the pool, I paid for the restaurant). The next few days, I couldn't help overhearing the conversation (I'm not eavesdropping--I didn't mean to) that she was having with another co-worker of mine. I heard her mention about this guy (5 years older than her) that just went through her cash register and how she was hanging out with him, and asked if she was blushing during the time that she was in front of him. So I couldn't help getting jealous over what I heard, but the thing is I never confronted her or showed her that I was jealous because of the fact that we're not steady (Who am I to get jealous of her and this guy?). After these happened, we spoken on the phone and talked about life, music and my previous girl (the ex). She asked what happened (why we broken up), how long we're together. She never asked if I still like her or not. But during this coversation, the tone of her voice was kinda different (as if she was jealous or something), so I told her that I don't like her(my ex) anymore. During our conversation, her voice was in a flirtatious, soft tone (I figured that she likes me). I also never asked her if she is currently attached or if she likes me. We're going out again soon.


My problem:


I can't figure out if she likes me just as a friend or more (What threw me out was the conversation that I heard). Do you thinks that she's leading me on? What do you think of the whole situation?

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It sounds like you may be someone she wants as a friend. If you keep this up you're going to end up getting your feelings hurt. I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago, but I was in her place. There was a guy that I hung out with quite regularly and I found out he had feelings for me. I thought we were strictly friends and he thought we were headed for more. Maybe this is what she thinks of your relationship.

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