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Should I take this as meaning anything

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Ever since the summer when some things went down with a close friend (we've had a completely non-physical relationship but we both have expressed our past and present feelings for eachother) and she recently broke up with her boyfriend. So the other day she calls me at 12:40 in the morning and it seemed kinda like she was calling just to talk to me.


Now her and I are as close as can possibly (we were both just too nervous to get phsical) and whenever she has a boyfriend she seems to cut me off. So does this mean anything cause we both feel for eachother at some degree so I am wondering if I should blow this off cause I don't want to ya know.


And then theres the fact that soon, I will be going to a ne college...one thats 3000 miles away. Is it worth it to get involved in any way. I feel like it is just so I can be close and let her know that i'm here now and I will be again when the time comes. Any thoughts?

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She distances herself from you when she has a boyfriend because she knows you like her and doesnt want to hurt your feelings,


The reason she gets these boyfriends is because they make the moves, so tell her and express to her how you feel already.


She is probably wondering why you dont make any moves on her, if all you want to do is be a perpetual buddy, and see her go out with some other guy, then keep on doing what your doing now.


If you want to be the one holding hands and kissing, well hop to it, before your singing regrets.


Oh and as for the distance thing, look at it this way, you do nothing you have nothing, but if you do something, you have something great now, and maybe it wont work out after you separate maybe it will, either way you will have great memories and who knows what will happen down the line, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


It is better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all.

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