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Wake up! You can get STDs from oral sex

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I just read a post from someone wondering if it was dangerous to have unprotected oral sex, in which one allows their partner's semen to enter the mouth. I was amazed that the replies gave the green light to unprotected sex, saying it was totally safe. WRONG! It may be possible for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases to be spread through any kind of sexual contact, be it oral, vaginal, or anal. Protecting oneself is thereforeeee extremely important!


I know everyone is giving out advice in good faith, but we have to remember that in instances which directly involve our health and well-being, advice off of any unscientific forum should not be taken at face value as factual or accurate.


Type 'HIV and Oral Sex' into the search engine link removed, and read up on the topic from websites of respected medical and public health associations, such as the Centers for Disease Control. One thing EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW IS THAT UNPROTECTED SEX, IN ANY FORM, IS POTENTIALLY LIFE-THREATENING! Read up on STDs, HIV/AIDS, and risk factors. Do it for your own health. If we don't have our health, what do we have? Be SAFE PLEASE!




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