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PLEASE HELP!!!! i cant orgasm i really cant

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Hi everyone,


I am so glad that I found a completley active forum that is all about Orgasms. It is unfortuate however, that I have to come here for advice (id much rather not need advice! )


I have read all of the other help posts and none of them shed any light on my orgasm situation.


Unlike most of the posts, I dont fake; never have and never will. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months and our relationship is strong enough not to fake- i can say its not working and get all stressed and he will say dont worry we will get there it will be all good one day. So there is strong communications there he will always say good? yes? no? up? down? and so on.


I know that the problem comes down to myself. And i feel absolutley terrible for my man becuase if i were him i know id be getting very upset by now. I just do not know why I can not orgasm or come even remotley close.


I am a virgin and i have not come through any type of stimulation from my man or myself.


Some times my legs twitch and so fast twitching is the extent of the pleasure I have ever had.


Some nights I cant even get wet enough and we have to leave it a while, a lot of the time i just cant get excited and i don tknow why


I had the pee sensation recently and I got up and went to the toilet then by the time i came back we couldnt get any wetness back, then about 20 minutes later we went again and again as he rubbed my clit i felt like i needed to pee and couldnt let go because i thought i was going to pee, i had only just gone and we hadnt played long enough for it to really be the onset of orgasm - peeing feeling only comes from g-spot any way i think?


I hope someone can try to help me but i vbery much doubt it. Im so sure it is a problem with my and my body - not anything my partner is doing. I want a vibrator so much to just see if i can do it but my boyfriend does no want me to get one and gets quite upset that he is so 'inadequate' that i need one. i love him


please somebody help! if you need any more additional information please ask i want to increase my chances i crave for this fantastic feeling and i never even come close to getting it .


thankyou guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All you need to do is relax, and stop stressing out about not being able to do it. You're tensing up and are not just relaxing and letting stuff happen. If you're having trouble getting wet, just stop, take a deep breath, and tell yourself to calm down.

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You might consider eliminating a sexual climax as a "goal" when you're with your bf. Instead, learn to enjoy him and your emotional connection, and take the focus off yourself. Get the mood right with candles and music and whatever gets you feeling intimate. Great sex is not "clinical" and technique-oriented, so let the sexual part grow naturally out of your intense connection with him, and don't even try to have an orgasm. Sometimes the smallest, most unplanned things will start to happen and set you on the road to a climax.

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A good "Vibrator" is your ONLY solution. There are many types available... and it sounds to me as if your boyfriend is threatened because perhaps the only type he's been exposed to are the "Phallic" shaped types. There are many Vibrators out there on the Market that look nothing like a Penis and will do the job just as well. A good Vibrator will overcome anything that's getting in the way of your having an orgasm... (UNLESS you Do have some sort of physiological problem, which I doubt). IF your Boyfriend really loves you, then he needs to understand that you NEED this physical release that he enjoys freely without issue. You're entitled to your orgasm... and it will require a good Vibrator at this point to achieve. Invest in a good one... with or without his consent if you must. Once you've achieved an Orgasm through the use of the Vibrator... (and realize how FANTASTIC it is)... then can you go to work implementing some of the good advice that has been given to you in previous posts about 'relaxing' and letting go of the mental & physical stressors that prevent you from having an Orgasm without the aid of a Vibrator. Don't feel bad requiring a Vibrator for Orgasm... many Women need them to achieve one. Many don't but still enjoy them during foreplay. To each his own... but we all deserve our Orgasms.

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