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First off, I'm not a jerk or would ever dream of hurting anyone but this is how it is. There's these two girls that I'm not really sure which one I like. One is my ex's best friend and we've flirted before until she was called out on it and now acts like she hates me but not like in an aggressive way. The other is my best friend's ex and she had a crush on me last spring and may like me now too. How can I determine which one I actually like? I don't want to prolong it for long and risk hurting either one of them since they are both within my circle of friends.

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Golly... must you choose between only them?? It's like you are recycling the same girls. Not to mention, someone is going to be upset at you for going for any one of them.


If you're not particularly attracted to one of them MORE, then I don't think you should go out with either of them.

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