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is this a overly bad letter to give to my ex?

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first we are both 22. i just say her today, we broke up about 7 months ago but still had close contact as friends, like saw each other 2-3 times a week and hung out, nothing more, but now she hardly calls me since findin some new guy at work and i dont call either, since i dont chase people, but i dont really care bout other guy.


anyways today i asked her to do me a quik favor and buy some stuff for me(gum) and she gave it to me. then she told me shes goin to her friends house tomorrow to drink and i said o sounds like fun in a sarcastic tone then she said "well thats funny cause u had no life before me" so since our friendship was ending anyways i just emailedl this letter, is this right thing to do?



I had no life before I met u huh. Whatever. I don't even care. But I had more of a life before I met u than after. Also don't ever contact me again. ERASE MY number from your phone, throw away my pictures, whatever. I don't want to be your friend, NOTHING. IF you see me someplace, DON'T say hi to me, don't talk to me, from now on you are a complete stranger to me. I'm not friends with losers sorry. Go and hang out with your friends, um I'm sorry I mean FRIEND, aka sarah. Call me an asshole all u want. I don't really care. Well whatever, you call me I'm not picking up, you txt me I'm erasing it b4 I read it, u email I'm erasing it b4 I read it, u IM me I'm blocking u, don't talk to me ever again. I had no life before you huh, whatever, enjoy life without me, because I am loving life without u bitching in my life. By the way don't respond or call me after, I'm done with u. and then I bet u wonder why u have so little friends. Have u ever thought that it was you who was the problem and not them, now I know why u don't have many friends, its cause you treat them like shit. And don't worry about me getting a job. worry about your damn self cause when I graduate college and become rich, while your still ringing out people at cvs or carrying dishes at crown we'll see who gets the last laugh. Good bye. By the way, I DID absolutely nothing to make u say that bullshit to me, and then u say u want to be my friend. What kind of a friend are you, well I'm glad US is finally over, shoulda did this after we broke up. PLEASE DON'T RESPOND OR CALL ME as I will not pick up, screw u im done with u. have a nice life.



i mean what kind of shit is, u had no life before me, which is total BS by the way. did i do right thing?

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i just got in a huge fight with his guy i've been friends with forever....we were down the love road and had been through a lot. Now we cant stand each other. What made it worse is that he said sutff to me that was immature and totally unnesscary. If you want the truth, i think the letter was very childish. She was wrong in saying that to you but it was wrong for you to write that to her. You know you don't want to be rude to her in public A friendly hi isn't that bad ya know? Plus, how can you defend yourself and her be denied the chance to defend HERself. That's a little harsh. I think you should accept her emails and things like that and possibly change your tone....there's a thin line with this though. Change your tone BUT DONT let her think she was right. B/c she wasn't. I know was a little rude myself in telling you this but i hope you wont take it hard and try to fix things at least to the point where a friendly hi wont make you burn inside. GOOD LUCK!

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Hey i think u needed to say all that stuff to her. if u didnt u would be holding it in for a very long time and thats wrong for u too. U were obviously having these problems with her in the bak of ur mind for a long time, even if u didnt realize them. Writing that email helped u vent and in the long run get over her. Dont feel bad that u wrote it, its good for u. She may be hurt, adn probly will try to contact u, but stick with ur word.


I just had the same situation as you last week, i got into a huge fight with one of my friends. she sais i was obsessive and immature, and a true friend wouldnt say that. so yes i wrote her a ncie long letter, and was not at all close to being nice. so ne ways, o basically told her the same things. i told her never to talk to me again, and in class she will look t me adn try to smile but i turn the other way. she tried to IM me and i blocked her, she emailed me adn i read it, because i thought it was funny but i didnt respond. but i needed to tell her all the stuff i was holding inside, she made me cry adn she made me miserble, and YES she deserved it no matter what ne on says.


If a girl wrote a note like u wrote ro ur ex, people would say thats good because he was a jerk. Well being a guy is no different, some people jsut liek to think so because u guys arent suppose to cry or be emotional. well screw that sh*t. good job in expressing ur feelings, u could have been so worse hehehe, but ur all good.


good luck and stick with wut u said


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well i wouldnt have sent it but what else can i do when someone u really used to care for says "you know you had no life before me" i mean thats some messed up rhetoric, and i would not want to be friends with some1 like that anyway. so screw it, whats done is done. thanks for help though guys

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I am going out in limb here and say/ask.....Do you still have feelings for her? Hear me out on this one.


If you were fine with the fact that you two were lovers in the past and are now friends, why are you acting like this?


Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging, I mean, if you still have feelings for her, then I can see why you are acting like this. I would too!! You may be in a borderline love/hate right now.


I think that the letter you wrote clearly outlines how you fee, and if at all cares for you (as a friend or beyond) she will respond in a positive way. Hopefully, that will occur. Now, if that is not what you want at all, then I think that letter pretty much has made it clear that you are so better off without her.

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well i really did try to be her friend. but it was kind of hard., when we would hang out it'd be fun and all then her friend would call and shed make some bs up bout they made plans earlier, even though they didnt and she'd leave early. the only times she called me was when she needed me to help her or do something, so i kind of lost my feelings for her after that. then when i hung out with her a couple days ago i got completely ignored in the car, so whatever, im done with her.

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